About Fa29 – Fashion Academy

Fashion Academy was established in 1987 by Mrs Yeudit Olewsky, a certified fashion & design .teacher
The main goal of the Academy is to prepare our students to become skilled, independent designers and professionals in the fields of fashion and design. The academy’s alums can quickly launch a new career and are successful and respected in the world of the fashion industry

The Fashion Academy faculty and instructors are known for their professional expertise as well as their training and teaching skills. The professional courses take place in a state-of the-art facility, utilizing cutting-edge technology. The Fashion Academy is committed to keep up with industry standards, a world which is very contemporary and sensitive to changes, developments and cultural trends
The academy combines professional studies in fashion which include theoretical studies and emphasize practical projects. We provide our students the opportunities to develop fundamental skills as well as critical thinking applications to ensure them gain practical experience and be prepare to become independent designers. The Academy encourages each student his /her own individual vision by offering a variety of courses in fashion design, drawing, textiles, sewing methods, pattern making, fashion styling, grading, draping and more

:Fashion Academy program certification in Fashion Design
This comprehensive curriculum is aiming for the optimization of all components of the .program ensures our students to experience the highest standards of professionalism

Fashion Design – The course deals with the history of fashion, explores different fashion eras and fashion designers

Figure Drawing – An advanced ability in drawing a dimensional human body in order to create individualized and stylized fashion illustrations. Drawing advance skills in fashion design: interpret sketches, composition and learn painting techniques of cloth figure pattern and garments

 Sewing methods – Understanding of lay plans, correct cutting techniques and sew design prototypes

Pattern making fundamentals (by hand) – Learn the methods of construct basic flat patterns and the development of creative patterns. Analysis and design surface patterns for a wide variety of products

 Advanced pattern making techniques – Create patterns to meet design specifications applying advanced patternmaking principles

 Computer pattern making – Experience in computerized pattern making in two and three-dimensional and learn the methods of grading patterns to different sizes

 Textile – Introduction to fibers and fabrics – learn about different kinds of fabric and there qualities. Identify fabric performance and handling requirements for specific designs

 Draping – a pattern cutting method, which is uses 3D approach of fitting garments onto a body form to interpret ideas, sketches or pictures. The outcome shape is transferred onto paper to obtain a pattern

 Grading – Learn the methods to grade 2D shaped patterns to different sizes using the patterns as the guide

. Fashion merchandising – Understanding the fashion business aspects of the industry – create a business plan and strategy for a retail or wholesale fashion or related business

In the near future, our students will have the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor degree of Design and Arts associate with one of the biggest Israeli universities
The Fashion Academy is recognized by Israel’s ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Social affairs and social services, the Ministry of Immigrant absorption and the Employment Services

One of Fashion Academy’s missions is to be active for community in Israel; we want to make a difference. We dedicate a great deal of time and energy on conducting a range of activities for the welfare of the community

We also adjust our courses in order to help communities with special needs: immigrants, especially women from Russia, Ethiopia and South America, people with disabilities such as deafness and more different communities. We teach them many skills in the field of fashion design, sewing, pattern making and more. Upon graduation, we help our students to find jobs in those fields or launch their own businesses